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1475 Dolly Parton Parkway
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1475 Dolly Parton Parkway Sevierville, TN 37862

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Kim Tincher


2023-05-27 18:02:28-05
Stopped in today cause I had a nail in my tire .. I needed it plugged quickly , the workers were so polite and fast ! Done a great job ! Thanks again !

Joe Balzer


2023-05-27 17:22:34-05
My wife had the oil changed in our vehicle. Her experience was amazing! The service she received was professional and speedy. She was overjoyed to tell others about their great service. We will be repeat customers! Sevierville needs these kind of experience in automotive services! Thanks Michael and team! See you in 5000 miles!

Stephanie Mason


2023-05-26 23:52:39-05
Went in for an oil change. The owner makes you feel like family. He was very kind , friendly and hands on with helping his employees work with the customer. He double checked everything. I also didn't feel like they pushed me into extra things I didn't need done. I will continue to have all my oil change services with them. Would definitely recommend them to family and friends.

Leighanna Whitehead


2023-05-26 18:39:41-05
We highly, highly recommend this location!!! We were visiting on vacation and ran into some vehicle issues. After calling around to several different repair shops in the area, we decided to stop into this Valvoline express and Michael, the manager, was absolutely amazing! His customer service exceeded all of our expectations. He listened to our concerns of our vehicle and handled it above and beyond. We cannot say enough great things about him!! Thank you, Michael, for making a bad situation for us better!!!

Jeff Schoenfield


2023-05-26 12:01:58-05
I visited Valvoline Express Care shortly after they opened but just now getting around to writing this review. The place is brand new and phenomenal and they will do great here. The manager, Michael has a customer centric attitude and I couldn't have been more pleased. Perfect Experience!!!

Jessica Varela


2023-05-25 17:49:07-05
I’m so glad that there is finally a location in Sevier county. The staff is friendly, fast and stand behind their work. The manager, Michael was great asked about when I last had my tires rotated and replaced my cabin filter even though they didn’t have my specific filter on hand. He told me to purchase one and bring it back and he would replace it. He took time out of his lunch to do so. Thank you Michael!!! I will definitely be back. I highly recommend this location!

Cliff Trott


2023-05-20 18:27:58-05
Service was great. Everyone one was very nice. Brought in a vehicle that runs fully synthetic oil. It's very convenient, but at a premium. If you need an oil change fast. They can do it. They should tell you the price, before they start the service.

presten kerkstra


2023-05-18 18:50:32-05
Stopped by for the first time today. Michael and his crew were super friendly and efficient! Talked with Michael (Manager) a bit and he was real down to earth. Definitely plan on coming back next time.

roberta colombi


2023-05-16 01:10:41-05
I visited earlier this month and wass very pleased with my visit. The only hiccup was after selling me on air filter and wiper blades neither were available for my vehicle. It wasn't a big deal as that's not what the visit before. All the. employees were awesome. I could however take a pass on seeing the employees undies because that's what may be considered a fashion choice I'm hoping for coupons which I hear you send to your clients

Alexander Jarnigan


2023-05-09 16:18:35-05
This place was awesome. We were in and out in less than 10 minutes, everyone was very friendly, and I could hear them making checks to see that everything was squared away before we left. Highly recommend these guys and gal for any oil change/fluid service needs. I know I'll be back!
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About express care sevierville

Valvoline Express Care of Sevierville provides fast oil changes, with no appointments necessary, powered by the brand you can trust - Valvoline. We are located at 1475 Dolly Parton Parkway in Sevierville.



At EXPRESS CARE SEVIERVILLE, we provide a variety of services to help keep your vehicle well-maintained and ready for the road!

Full service oil changes include:
  • Quality Valvoline motor oil
  • New oil filter
  • Lubrication of chassis components according to your vehicle manufacturer's specs
What does oil do for your vehicle?

Valvoline motor oil lubricates engine components and helps stop metal parts from grinding against one another. It also helps stop deposits from forming on engine components by holding contaminants in suspension.

What can go wrong?

Over time, oil gets dirty. When dirt accumulates in oil, it can become more viscous and abrasive, less effective in lubricating and cause more wear to your engine.


How Regular Oil Changes Help Your Vehicle

  • Helps fight the four major causes of engine breakdown: Heat, Deposits, Sludge, Friction
  • Provides engine protection at startup
  • Helps to maximize engine performance
Mileage Interval

Your owner's manual may provide different oil change intervals for both regular driving and severe driving.

Roughly 70% of drivers fall under severe driving conditions. Severe driving conditions include stop-and-go driving, consistent idling, pulling, towing, dusty environment or high or low ambient temperatures*. Always consult your vehicle's owner's manual for your manufacturer's oil change mileage interval recommendation. *Based on Valvoline market research conducted in 2014

Choosing The Right Oil Change Products

It's important to choose the right oil for your vehicle. Valvoline offers Conventional, Synthetic Blend and Full Synthetic motor oils in many viscosity grades to meet your manufacturer recommendations.

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