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5 Chaplin Road Morgantown, WV 26501

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Marlo Vandiver


2024-02-02 21:47:03-06
I have been coming here for well over a year now for oil changes on all 3 of my vehicles. They are a great value and have hands down the best service of any automotive related company I have done to. I used to hate when it was time for an oil change before I found them, but now I know when I visit here, they will be quick, efficient, and some of the nicest workers you'll meet!

Lacey W


2024-02-02 20:51:49-06
Very quick service and did a great job.

Bert weizer


2024-02-02 19:28:29-06
quick and efficient. friendly staff love the convenience of this location and close to home!



2024-02-02 18:27:16-06

Billy Smerka Jr.


2024-02-02 15:08:39-06
A little pricey but that's the nature of anything maintenance related. They are thorough and kind. They are also very quick.

Jeffrey Utt


2024-02-01 18:16:12-06

Jamie McReynolds


2024-02-01 16:00:30-06

Tina Gibson


2024-02-01 15:02:14-06
This facility is awesome, the guys are all very nice. Explain everything well, show oil levels. I recommend for SURE!

Paulan Smith


2024-02-01 13:55:27-06
I had such an amazing experience with the lovely technicians (Chris and JT) who were very respectful and knowledgeable about my vehicle (Jeep Wrangler 2020) services. From the start to finish it was a pleasure they were so fast and efficient and I got an oil change, wiper blades replaced, air in tires topped up and my air filter replaced. I couldn’t have been more impressed and happy with my services done here. This is going to be my forever option from here on out! Thank you so much to Chris and JT again!!!

Kerissa Kuis


2024-01-31 22:18:22-06
Very friendly- quick- and thorough. Highly recommend.

About the ranch quick lube / valvoline express care

The Ranch Quick Lube / Valvoline Express Care of Morgantown provides fast oil changes, with no appointments necessary, powered by the brand you can trust - Valvoline. We are located at 5 Chaplin Road in Morgantown. Check out our oil change coupons for savings on your next oil change visit.



At The Ranch Quick Lube / Valvoline Express Care, we provide a variety of services to help keep your vehicle well-maintained and ready for the road!

Full Service Stay-In-Your-Car Oil Changes Include:
  • Quality Valvoline motor oil
  • New oil filter
  • Lubrication of chassis components according to your vehicle manufacturer's specs
  • Ability to stay in your car, if desired, while the service is performed
What does oil do for your vehicle?

Valvoline motor oil lubricates engine components and helps stop metal parts from grinding against one another. It also helps stop deposits from forming on engine components by holding contaminants in suspension.

What can go wrong?

Over time, oil gets dirty. When dirt accumulates in oil, it can become more viscous and abrasive, less effective in lubricating and cause more wear to your engine.


How Regular Oil Changes Help Your Vehicle

  • Helps fight the four major causes of engine breakdown: Heat, Deposits, Sludge, Friction
  • Provides engine protection at startup
  • Helps to maximize engine performance
Mileage Interval

Your owner's manual may provide different oil change intervals for both regular driving and severe driving.

Roughly 70% of drivers fall under severe driving conditions. Severe driving conditions include stop-and-go driving, consistent idling, pulling, towing, dusty environment or high or low ambient temperatures*. Always consult your vehicle's owner's manual for your manufacturer's oil change mileage interval recommendation. *Based on Valvoline market research conducted in 2014

Choosing The Right Oil Change Products

It's important to choose the right oil for your vehicle. Valvoline offers Conventional, Synthetic Blend and Full Synthetic motor oils in many viscosity grades to meet your manufacturer recommendations.

Keep Your Engine Working Efficiently

Vehicle engines require a specific air-to-fuel ratio to operate properly. Over time, air filters can get clogged with dirt and debris, leading to restricted airflow into the engine. With reduced air flow, an engine can be stressed and lose performance.

Benefits Of Engine Air Filter Replacement

Our air filter service replaces your air filter — helping to clean the air flowing to your engine, which can improve performance. Please remember to consult your owner’s manual for any specific manufacturer recommendations.

Mileage Interval For Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Many vehicle manufacturers recommend this service to maintain vehicle performance. Please consult your owner's manual for specific manufacturer recommendations.

There are few things more dangerous than operating your vehicle without having clear visibility through your windshield. Experts can replace your wiper blades in just a few minutes with high-quality, Valvoline wiper blades designed for your vehicle.

Driving with burnt out headlamp or taillamp bulbs can be dangerous and illegal. Replacing these burnt out bulbs helps improve visibility on the road.

A dead battery is a common reason a car won’t start. Over time, batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. Batteries may not give a warning of when they will fail and can fail suddenly.

Benefits Of Battery Replacement Service

Our battery replacement service tests if your battery has started to lose its charge. We can then replace the battery as needed to help your car continue to start smoothly. Please remember to consult your owner’s manual for any specific recommendations.

Your tires are extremely important for safely operating your vehicle. Whether you still have the original tires you bought with your vehicle or you have invested in new tires, they are worth maintaining to help minimize tire wear.

Benefits Of Tire Rotation Service

Rotating your tires regularly – approximately every other oil change – helps:

  • Maximize the life of your tires
  • Prolong the tread wear and promote even wear
  • Improve the ride and handling of your car or truck

Please remember to consult your owner's manual for any specific manufacturer recommendations.

Mileage Interval For Tire Rotation Service

Most auto manufacturers recommend rotating your tires at regularly scheduled intervals. Please consult your owner's manual for specific manufacturer recommendations.

Job Opportunities

Automotive Service Technician

Do you like to work with your hands? Do you love working on cars? Can you provide great customer service? We are looking for you! We are seeking a lube technician for our the ranch quick lube / valvoline express care. Must be willing and able to work in a fast-paced environment, in varying outdoor weather conditions and be able to complete our provided training and certification. If you are ready to learn how to provide excellent automotive service as part of a great team, please stop by or give us a call today! 5 Chaplin Road, Morgantown, WV 26501; 304-943-7470.

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